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Friday, July 27, 2012

Life Story

i love to write poetry in my free time. it relaxes my otherwise type-a, on-the-go, need to be in control personality. the world slows and stills for a moment and i can write down all the things i'm feeling and hearing. when i go slow enough, i can hear things i wouldn't necessarily hear. i typically have many emotions and feelings going through me all at once and in a day, those can change very rapidly! Haha! i know myself pretty well. so it's good to have this outlet.

anyway, this poem i'm going to share is called Life Story. it's about a fond memory from my childhood in texas--the moment i sang in front of an audience for the first time on my grandmother wolfe's land! enjoy!

It was twilight on that land
where the sun had lain to rest.
The luminous stars led us onward
to that creaky porch I knew so well.

Between cigarette puffs and drunken beer laughs
I was called and met with a moment.
The man held a microphone to my lips
and I stood my ground on that porch.

On that night, that muggy Texas night
I found my life’s story in a song.
I chose Patsy for who doesn’t find herself
‘cept when she’s ‘Walkin’ After Midnight.’

So my life is epitomized in that twilight haze
on a creaky porch next to a fat, old fiddler
singing my life out for others to hear.

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